Morning Bliss

Sometimes all we need to do is take time out, and listen to our bodies.

I really needed a break from my usual routine of putting the news on.. (mostly for the clock let’s be honest!), getting depressed by all the sadness and then going to work in a funk. BLAAAAAAHHHH!

I decided to make myself a yummy breakfast, and take myself back to bed, allowing the sunshine to come through my curtains.

We have:

  • Kiwi fruit & berries
  • Crunchy almond butter on a wholemeal breakfast muffin
  • Yerba Mate Tea

And of course the best thing EVER.. my Disney dressing gown!

I don’t always have time to do this, but it’s certainly something I aim to do more times than not. Surround yourself with positive energy and positive energy will do it’s up most to stay. It might even rub off on those around you, and making  others happy is definitely something we should all do.


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