Such a simple little mind..

Don’t worry, I won’t start to go mad with endless selfie pictures! Though new somethings aside from food to the blog is definitely something I’m looking at!

It’s a heatwave in the UK this week.. Hurrah!! Hot weather does exist! I’m on a very weird and wonderful life journey. Definitely taking advantage of the sunshine to find the new version of me, and a step closer to being the woman I hope to become.

2015 was a pretty crummy year health wise, with a big C scare, and feeling a little like a Guinea pig. This year has been wonderful so far, and I am able to enjoy life again. Never settle for less!

I recently met an older gentleman in my local pub, who touched my heart. He spoke of his mother, who died of alzheimer’s in such high regard. He spoke of how he went to the GP and was diagnosed with a condition on his heart, had it confirmed that he too would have a similar fait. With that he said, he went and bought a packet of cigarettes and smoked 20 before he got home. His theory being, the end is enevertable, but doing the things we enjoy.. Not so much. Needless to say, and all things considered… The guy had a smile on his face, and time for good banter. Definitely makes you realise, that in all chaos of modern life, that philosophy is certainly something worth considering ☺️
It’s Tuesday! Happy Tuesday!


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