Pie Night at The Royal Oak

Now I might be slightly biased by this, due to the fact it’s about a 5 minute walk from my house. HOWEVER, from the very first visit to The Royal Oak back in February, Delia and the guys have been nothing but welcoming. I moved down a little unwillingly from Aberdeen for ventures new, and stumbled across Poringland. Admittedly, it’s not full of your fancy buildings, cinemas, restaurants etc. but it certainly has it’s own character 😉


This is now the second evening (The mussels being from here) that I have decided to eat close by, and I have to say it didn’t disappoint.



Vibe: A welcoming traditional English pub – THAT IS NOT A CHAIN! Wahoo! Open to all walks of life.


The menu: Has your slightly more traditional ‘pub grub’, with the additions of trying something new. The traditional Bangers and mash having been my second choice. You get to choose your choice of sausage, mash and gravy – Nom.


The food: This evening I ordered the steak and ale pie, with whole grain mustard and Stilton mash (the mash being my choice). Despite feeling like a pot belly pig afterwards, it was gorgeous. It was quite refreshing to have a meal that tasted freshly made, and not microwaved like in some chains and having locally sourced meat.


Service: Wonderful. For my liking anyways. They check enough to ensure you are happy, but don’t constantly check when you have just misjudged the size of you mouthful.
A lovely local pub, that I have on my door step! 

Much love!



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