First Blog Post – EVER!

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Hi everyone,

I’m newISH to blogging, but figured I’d join in with the venture.

Haven’t quite decided on how I’m going to use this breathing ground, but we will give it a try!

I have suffered with chronic pain in my stomach for a year – 18 months, and after lots of disputing and not being satisfied with the poor and quick ‘IBS’ diagnosis. I pushed my doctor to look into it more. A year later, and a few horrible diet changes and tests we came closer to an answer – functional error! My wonderful belly was sending the wrong signals to my brain resulting in pain. LOVELY. This has led to me learning and sometimes finding out the hard way what I can eat/can’t eat without stressing it out. SURELY THATS A GOOD THING I HEAR YOU CRY?

We’re trying!

I guess it’ll be mostly a daily dairy (for the most part) of my eating habits, moans and even maybe my motorbike.

I promise to try and mix it up!

Natalie 🙂

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